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When it comes to personal finance, one thing that many people have is a credit card. Credit cards are often very important and serve a few purposes. First, they allow you to make purchases with credit in the event that you don’t have the amount you need in cash. Second, having and using a credit card results in a credit score, which can help you get approved for loans if your score is good enough. But, deciding which credit card to get can be complicated. There are a lot of elements to it, such as fees, interest rates, and potential reward systems. People may also have varying needs for having a credit card in the first place. One such reason is that they need to rebuild their credit score. One card that can help users accomplish that is the Credit One Platinum Visa Card, which is offered by Credit One Bank through www.dbfab2.com.

On the web page, www.dbfab2.com,  for the card itself, it is advertised as “perfect for rebuilding your credit”. There are a few things that the Platinum Card does to make this statement possible. First of all, Credit One Bank states that they report to credit bureaus monthly. This ensures that the credit score information for each person using the card is updated frequently and reflects their most current score. The second way that users can rebuild their credit is by having access to their Experian credit score every month, which cardholders can do for free. These features are especially helpful for people who are new to the world of credit and need tools to better understand how they can improve their credit.

There are many other benefits involved with using the Platinum Card, and one of them is the ability to use the Credit One mobile app and website. With both, you can securely access whatever you might need, such as card statements and other documents. This also allows users to go paperless and view documents at the tap of a screen. You can also set up notifications so that you have reminders for payment due dates and alerts if there appears to be fraudulent activity. Cardholders are also able to choose when their payment dates occur during the month. Cardholders’ accounts are also protected from fraud and will receive notifications if there is a charge that they did not authorize, which allows for fraud to be caught quickly. The card has a smart chip as well. This adds another level of security that keeps your information safe.The last of the benefits from the Platinum Card is that it does offer up to 10% cash back for cardholders, depending on the participating merchants.

Knowing the benefits of a particular card is important, but what about the other details like fees and rates? There are no monthly fees on this card, including maintenance fees. There are also no one time fees, such as fees to set up your account. Like most cards, there is an annual fee that must be paid yearly once you start using the card. The fee is listed on the website as being between $0-$99, and many reviews of the card mentioned it to be around $75 recently. The maximum fee for a late bill payment is $39. There is also a fee for transactions that occur outside of the United States, which is either 3% or $1, depending on which value is greater per purchase. There is also a fee for a cash advance and ATM withdrawals. The regular interest rate on the card is on the higher side, at 17.99%-23.99%.

It’s a lot of information to take in, but there are plenty of reviews available from the card’s web page to help potential cardholders understand what using the card is actually like and whether or not it is right for them.

Many of the negative dbfab2.com reviews mentioned the same issues with the card: the $75 annual fee is a little higher than they’d like, cardholders must pay $9.95 every time they make payment, and there are too many fees. There were also a few issues with the website and the technology in general. For example, the card balance takes a few days to update after payments are made, automatic payments are not available, and account set up can be difficult due to the website and app not being user-friendly.

There were, however, plenty of positive elements mentioned as well. Several reviewers noted that the card works quite well for what it is advertised as: a way to rebuild credit. The approval process is very easy even if you have bad credit, the card is accepted most places, and it’s easy to get increases on your credit limit over time if you continually pay your bill on time. Some reviewers noted that though they started out with a $300 limit per month, it increased to over $1,000 in a little over a year as their credit got better.

In conclusion, there’s a lot to think about with this dbfab2.com offer, but a lot to like as well. Whether or not it’s right for someone’s needs depends on the individual. The Credit One Platinum Card does seem to live up to its tagline, especially given that the approval process is fairly easy no matter what your credit is like. The ability to view all of your statements and check your credit score for free every month is also helpful because it allows cardholders to track their history with the card and check their credit score without worrying that it could make their score worse simply because they looked at it. There are also a lot of perks, including the cash back opportunity and the ability to get notifications if activity on the card is abnormal. All of those things are great, but the fees and interest rates might turn someone away if it isn’t doable for them, along with the technological issues that were noted previously. Essentially, it all depends on what someone needs and wants from their card. All in all, this is a good card for people just entering the world of credit cards or people that have had trouble with credit in the past.