– Citi Double Cash Card

The offer will reward you for making purchases and then will reward you once more for paying off those purchases. Whether you pay in full or pay a purchase off over time, you’re going to earn cash-back on every single payment. Add in the massive safety-net, outstanding support, and the neat perks and you’ve got a card that’s extremely hard to pass on.

The big selling point of the Citi Double Cash credit card is the 2% cash back on every purchase and the 0% Balance Transfer rate that you get for the first 18 months. This means you’re getting more cash back than the standard 1.5% rate of other credit cards and you aren’t accruing interest on any balance transfers for the first year and a half if you pay your monthly bill on time. You’re basically being rewarded for paying your credit card bill while still being given the flexibility to be lazy and transfer a balance over so that you’re using the same card every time at the register. There is no annual fee and with a higher flat rate of 2% on everything you purchase, you’re maximizing your rewards at every opportunity without a lot of the headaches. It’s double the cash back with no incentives. The Citi Double Cash credit card isn’t going to hassle you with confusing rotating categories or different mind-numbing reward options every 4 months; it’s a simple card with great perks and a higher flat rate than its opposition.

The cash back that you earn for your rewards if you take advantage of your  invitation can be redeemed for several things that you’ll love and enjoy. And this is completely separate from the special offers that come with being a Citi Double Cash cardholder. The Citi Double Cash credit card gives you the option to start redeeming points once you’ve accumulated at least $25 in cash back which can be applied to your statement as a credit, issued by check, or into any checking account that you’ve used at least twice to pay any Citi credit card bill. But that’s not even all the ways that you can redeem your cash back. You can convert your cash back into valuable Citi ThankYou points at 1 point per dollar. These points can be used for traveling, fueling up, shopping at eligible retailers, and a number of other things. The cash back and ThankYou points system are great ways to maximize your cash back through an abundance of different options. All those awesome perks don’t even include the Citi Entertainment Feature that comes standard with the Citi Double Cash card. This feature gives you early access to concerts, sporting events, and much more. You’ll skip the long waits in line and even get a head start on those who aren’t Citi Double Cash cardholders that choose to order their tickets online. With the Citi Entertainment Feature, you’ll have exclusive opportunities to get VIP packages and tickets before the general public has a chance to snag them all. You’ll also have the possibility of getting preferred seating at your favorite events and this feature spoils you even more by giving you entry to highly exclusive Citi cardholder events. With thousands of options that also include dining and theatre, the Citi Double Cash credit card takes the rewards far past just cash back and points. It’s the ultimate entertainment package for any cardholder.

The Citi Double Cash credit card through not only spoils you with its lavish rewards, but it also gives you phenomenal protection for every potential catastrophe. There’s never a safe time for a thief to enter your credit card information online or swipe at the register. With 24-hour fraud protection, you will receive alerts on all fraudulent activity at any time throughout the day so those credit card thieves will never have the opportunity to pull a fast one on you. As an extra added layer of protection, the Citi Double Cash credit card also has Identity Theft Assistance that will personally assist you in getting things back on track and resolving any issues that you may be having if your identity is ever stolen. Perhaps the most valuable protection offered by the Citi Double Cash card is the Lost Wallet service that will replace any lost or stolen card within 24 hours. Within one day you’ll receive your new card and be ready to continue earning your cashback. But that’s not all. You’ll also be provided with emergency assistance, meaning that you will be given emergency cash to hold you over so that you’re not stuck out completely with no funds. This is dependent upon your available cash advance limit, but it’s still a phenomenal gesture that shows no matter what you’re going through, accidents are forgiven with the Citi Bank Double Cash credit card. If that wasn’t enough, there is a $0 liability system that protects you from any charges that you didn’t authorize online or anywhere else. There’s no way you’ll be getting the wool pulled over your eyes with this card; scammers and credit card thieves beware.

Help is never far away or hard to come by with the Citi Double Cash card. The card comes with 24/7 customer support with knowledgeable customer service agents that will answer any question you have, no matter what time of the day it is. If you have a question about billing or just your account in general, there’s never a wrong time to ask. There will always be someone there to answer your questions and give you the assistance that you need. You’re never alone when you’re a Citi Double Cash cardholder.

The Citi Double Cash credit card provides a sense of relief while giving you massive rewards and perks that are steps ahead of the competition. By taking away the need to use multiple credit cards, giving you unlimited support, assistance, and cash back while also provided a safety-net large enough to catch a whale, the Citi Double Cash credit card is one that every cardholder should be trying to fit in their wallet. There is no perfect credit card, but this is as close as they come, so filling out a application is worth it.